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DOVE Christian Fellowship International (DOVE International) is a worldwide family of believers in Christ involved in churches and ministries located in six continents. As an international family, we are diverse in culture and background but share a common God-given vision, values, mission, and commitment to start and nurture churches and ministries to transform communities throughout the nations.
DOVE International
DOVE InternationalThursday, April 28th, 2016 at 12:22am

A BIG WELCOME to the new DOVE USA church plant, “Hopes Anchor Christian Fellowship” in Indianapolis, IN. John and Kathy Johnson provide leadership to this new venture. The official plant date was in February so they have a little bit of history under their belt already. I should mention here that John and Kathy have a lot more history with DOVE than that.

Years ago, John and Kathy led a micro church network but due to health issues, they needed to close down almost all that they were involved in. From business to the micro community, it all came to a disappointing halt. But The Lord wasn’t finished with them yet. After major surgery, a long recovery, and some setbacks, John and Kathy are once again feeling the tug of the Holy Spirit saying, “It is time to start something new.”

John and Kathy it is so good to have you back with us. We praise the Lord for your heart, passion, and willingness to obey the Holy Spirit and plant this new church. May you and leadership team of Hopes Anchor fulfill His plans and purposes with those whom He will bring to you. Congratulations on this new plant.
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DOVE International
DOVE International added 2 new photos.Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 at 6:07am

After taking a sabbatical this year to pray, plan, and prepare, Mandate Discipleship School is ready to kick off yet another year of disciple-making adventures! The Mandate leadership team is working in full force to implement these 3 experiences along with others to help students learn to follow Jesus in a real and radical way…

The Mandate Experience

Every year we send students on a 8 week mission trip to put their hands and hearts to work. This year they will be going to Zambia to work with orphan homes OR Cambodia to work with a church teaching English AND Mexico to work in an orphanage.

We have enlisted some of the finest Bible teachers to teach through various Biblical topics such as The Role of the Holy Spirit, Father-heart of God, Prayer and Worship, Identity in Christ, Bible Study Methods, and much, much more!

Families from the local Body volunteer each year to host the students. We strongly believe in joining with the local church to give the students an opportunity to minister to the body and to give the local body a chance to pour into the students. This year Titus and Georgie Wenger will host the boys and Derek and Sarah Scholl will host the girls.

Other News...

NEW BLOG http://www.mandatecommunity.com/
We are excited about reviving our blog with a fresh new start this year. We look forward to posting regular content that will be both uplifting, and inspirational. These posts will be syndicated and sent out via email. So, please share them and help us spread the word.

Our plans are to share testimonials from students, short devotional tips, and answer frequently asked questions on our New YouTube Channel. Newest Promo Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LEhrLoUn8A
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DOVE International
DOVE InternationalSaturday, April 23rd, 2016 at 1:52am
Want to seize the wonderful opportunity to help brighten the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children in Guatemala?

Find out more info here: https://www.gofundme.com/harpsforguatemala
DOVE International
Fundraiser for Guatemala Childrens Harp School
Here is a wonderful opportunity for you to help brighten the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children in Guatemala. You can help by donating towards the...
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DOVE International
DOVE International added 22 new photos.Thursday, April 21st, 2016 at 8:36am
Sheena King returns from Haiti-
Sheena has recently returned from a term of missionary service in Haiti. Here is how she describes her time: "I am very thankful to DOVE for helping me to take this trip. There’s something about leaving your comfort zone where everything is “easy” and going away to where you are forced to put complete dependence and trust in the Lord. It’s very rewarding! I love adventure and have a bit of an independent spirit, so I was excited for this journey. My main focus in Haiti was teaching English from elementary aged students to adults. I also did some other ministry projects such as distribution outreaches, children's ministry, girls Bible study, and business seminars. It was an incredible experience, I was not only challenged and stretched with my every day duties but so blessed and filled with love and passion from being right where I felt God wanted me to be. I learned unforgettable lessons, built long lasting relationships, experienced a time of major spiritual growth, and simply had my eyes and heart opened to a bigger picture of God’s world. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity!”
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In 2011 the Lord called me to Quebec to pray for the province and the French-speaking people. I joined a house of prayer ministry (The Quebec House of Prayer) directed by an amazing couple, Brian and Tanya Allatt.
Brian, a true visionary, often stood in the bay window of the prayer room, looked down the hill at the motel located in front of the house of prayer and asked God to deliver the motel into his hands. Brian wanted to use the motel as a school of ministry and a site for conferences.
At that time the House of Prayer was small in number but mighty in our prayers. Only three or four of us gathered in the in the prayer room at any given time. The motel was owned by a peculiar lady who owned a cat named Satan. Occasionally Brian would visit the owner and ask for the motel, but her price was always astronomical. Our group often prayed over her and the building.
Finally in August of 2014, the woman relented, dropped her price and sold the motel to the Allatts. On the day of closing, Brian went to the lawyer’s office, picked up the papers and brought them to the motel owner to sign. When he arrived at the motel the lady was distraught and crying because her cat, Satan, had died. We believe it is a confirmation that on the morning the title deed was transferred into Brian's hands, the cat Satan died, and the savior of this world reigns supreme in the motel.
The motel is now a school of ministry (Wellspring) with a staff of 11. About 40 to 50 people gather regularly in the prayer room. From humble beginnings and the prayers of faith, we continue forward believing God answers prayer.
—Mark Sarrasin, Prayer Missionary and Church Planter, Quebec House of Prayer
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April 25
This will be my last blog for the next two months. LaVerne and I are taking a two-month sabbatical to detach from ministry and leadership. Our plan is simple: take time off to look back, look up, and look ahead. God created the world in six days and then took a day to rest. Every...

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