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DOVE Christian Fellowship International (DOVE International) is a worldwide family of believers in Christ involved in churches and ministries located in six continents. As an international family, we are diverse in culture and background but share a common God-given vision, values, mission, and commitment to start and nurture churches and ministries to transform communities throughout the nations.
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STEADFAST Premiere - August 31 was the private screening for DOVE's new short film directed by Dalton Uibel. It was held at Penn Cinema in Lititz. PA. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible..Kickstarter donors, actors, production staff, Newport DOVE, parents who brought food, etc. The movie is entered in to a number of film festivals and will be released online in a couple of months after the judging for the festivals is done.
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Michael and Zsiporah from Muskoka Christian Fellowship went on a Harp Ministry Trip to DOVE church and School in San Lucas, Guatemala

From June 1st to 13th, 2016 we were in San Lucas, Sacatapaquez, Guatemala at the invitation of Jodi and Julio Rodriguez. They are DOVE ministry related with their church and also with their school – Esquale de Gethsemani, which educates 700 underprivileged children.

We held a Harp School with some of their best students. This was a benevolent trip using a Crowdfunder to raise $7000. USD to purchase and ship 12 rainbow coloured Harpsicle Harps to their School in Guatemala!

We were impressed with the heart of the students towards the future of Guatemala. We interviewed about 90 senior students and found out that each one is planning on attending the (free) public university near San Lucas, and they are planning on becoming architects, lawyers, engineers, teachers….influencers. We felt that a great groundswell of the fruit of this school and many other Christian schools in Guatemala would be felt in government, education and other areas of society.

Along with our grandson, Noah, 14, we went to a poverty stricken school in the mountains and sang and shared the gospel to the 200 Mayan children who are small due to malnutrition. We gave a Gospel presentation in song and multi-media based on the metamorphosis of a butterfly and more than half of the students responded to the call to salvation.

We sang and ministered in prophetic word at many small churches and privately as well. We provided music for a small evangelistic outreach where almost every person (51) that was brought to hear the music and message got saved!

To follow the ministry of Michael-David and Zsiporah please visit www.michael-david.org
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Five years after becoming the world's newest nation, the outbreak of civil strife in South Sudan is driving thousands and thousands out of the country. DOVE missionaries Martin and Liz Tumusiime have found themselves in the thick of a humanitarian disaster. Here we share excerpts from their blog tumusiimeupdate.blogspot.co.ke about the work they are doing in Rhino Refugee Camp.

Meet Margaret, who fled from Juba, the epicenter of the current conflict, with her five children and niece. Her husband remained in Juba, where she believes he may have joined the fighting. In the camp, Margaret was unable to cut and arrange the poles in order to put up her own tent, so she found a small tree to drape the tarp over. When we found her, she was huddled in the corner of her small shelter, holding her 10-month-old twins. But she had lost so much weight through the ordeal, medical care was not available, and even though she was trying to breastfeed as we talked, the little girls cried of hunger.

This is Agnes Apultu. She and her 10 children walked 100 kilometers from Yei until they were rescued and driven the rest of the way to Uganda. They were brought to Rhino Camp. Even after being in the camp for almost a month, she was still in need of clothes for her family (besides the ones on their backs), utensils for cooking, basins for bathing, jugs for collecting water, and supplemental milk for her babies and toddler. She also had no cash money at all and was unsure how she would earn any. One meal is provided daily by United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR.

Agnes confirmed that men were being mixed in with the women and children in the domes (large tents) where refugees sleep. Agnes and her children will have to continue sleeping like this, with unfamiliar men, until they are allotted their own place to stay.
Philemon is among the minority male population in Rhino Camp -- 90% are women and children. He was living and working in Morobo, South Sudan, until he and his wife, Mary, escaped to Uganda with their eight children after rebels started killing people near their home. They were one of the more able families who could afford transportation and were, therefore, able to bring several possessions with them, such as mattresses, basins, and clothes.
Back home, Philemon worked as a teacher, and Mary worked as a cook in a school. They and their children are all educated, as evidenced by their ability to converse in English. Thankfully, since this family was able to flee together, Philemon's daughters will have a much better chance of safety, unlike the majority of girls and women who travel without an adult male.

These are just three stories, yet it is estimated that 52,000 South Sudanese refugees have entered Uganda between July 7th and August 2nd. Violence was sparked when the soldiers of Vice-President Riek Machar and the soldiers of President Salva Kiir attacked each other at an otherwise peaceful meeting. Rumors had spread that Machar was going to be arrested; thus the reaction that has caused devastation around the country.

The sheer number and pace at which people are entering Uganda has created an almost-impossible situation. Even huge organizations are struggling to provide the basic survival needs like shelter, clean water, and food.

While most other organizations working in Rhino Camp are secular, we as "Touch Africa Now" have the unique ability to show the love of Jesus to each refugee we minister to. Though we are very small, and the only national organization working in the camp, our God is very big. We trust him to bless our limited resources.

Please pray for us, as we try to minister to this population, through providing education and basic needs for young children, who are the most vulnerable.

For more information click here http://tumusiimeupdate.blogspot.co.ke/

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