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DOVE Christian Fellowship International (DOVE International) is a worldwide family of believers in Christ involved in churches and ministries located in six continents. As an international family, we are diverse in culture and background but share a common God-given vision, values, mission, and commitment to start and nurture churches and ministries to transform communities throughout the nations.
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Reaching youth through sports ministry
The players are in position with the referee ready to whistle the kick off. But first, the overseer of the football game, Joseph Ohito, who is a DOVE Africa Missionary in Garissa, prays for the competing teams.

Joseph’s love for sports inspired him to start a football outreach as a way of reaching the young men in the Illwana community. Two months ago, Joseph formed a partnership with the local Kenya Football Federations representative. Fifty talented players from nearby villages formed four teams and designated a friendly match schedule that enables each team to play at least one game weekly.

The biggest challenge facing the sports ministry is the lack of funds to purchase balls, players’ uniform and goal post nets. The field also floods sporadically from heavy rains in the region.

After every match, Joseph ensures there is “truth moment” session for the players and the fans. Joseph said, “We analyze the match and discuss the way forward. I also include aspects of the gospel message and encourage them to love God.”

Joseph finds the young people are receptive and appreciative. He is pleased that he can use his interest in sports as an effective ministry outreach to young men in the Illwana community.
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DOVE International
DOVE InternationalSaturday, May 21st, 2016 at 6:51am

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God Transforms Brokenness, Pain into New Life
Academy of Arts shows God’s majesty

“We are humbled and amazed how God takes brokenness and pain and births a ministry that brings life to many,” says Connie Dienner. She and her husband Dave lead New Life Family Center in New Holland, Pennsylvania. The church has a net—Cavod Academy of the Arts, which teaches dance, acting, music, gymnastics and art. This unique church has compiled a fascinating history that only God could orchestrate to bring glory to His name.

For starters, Connie grew up in a conservative Mennonite home in Indiana, where her father was a pastor. Her parents recognized that Connie had an unusual talent for acting and allowed Connie to participate in school musicals and theater productions, where she was cast in lead roles and honed her skills in directing.
Dave grew up in an Amish household where he was encouraged to follow the Lord. As a teenager, Dave accepted the Lord and left the Amish sect. He met Connie in Florida during a winter break and they began dating. They attended a Bible training school, married and moved to New Jersey to help plant a church. For 17 years, Dave and Connie led worship, youth ministry and directed musicals, mime teams and theatre. People loved it and the church grew to 220 members that included a large youth group. During this time the Dienners had three children who grew up to share their parents’ passion for ministry and the arts.

In 1996, Connie said, “We took a two-year break from ministry to find healing and redemption from a major business loss and painful experiences in ministry. After much prayer and counsel, they became involved in a growing church where they served as elders and youth pastors from 1998-2007 and eventually became associate pastors. Again the youth group grew as the Dienners combined ministry outreach with dinner theater and the arts. During this time, the church went through traumatic changes with major problems in leadership. Tired, discouraged and hurt, the Dienners lost all desire to continue a ministry in the arts.

Through a prophetic word, Connie was told she would establish a School of Arts, which would become known throughout the world for its excellence. God rekindled her vision, and began her quest for raising the standard in godly artistic expression through performing arts. Growth was not without severe financial struggle and turmoil as it moved from Gap to larger quarters in New Holland. A remnant of people accompanied them, praying, worshipping and seeking God for healing. Out of their woundedness and God’s grace, New Life Family Center was established, and the name of the academy (which had continued to grow despite the upheaval) was changed to Cavod Academy of the Arts. Cavod, pronounced kah-vohd, is a Hebrew term defined as God’s glory, honor, majesty, and His visible splendor!

In 2013 the Dienners attended the DOVE International Leadership Conference and sensed a heart connection to the DOVE family. Through the guidance and leadership of DOVE, God brought yet another layer of healing to Dave and Connie and blessed their ministry.
With no money, no credit and no collateral, the Dienners have amazing story after story of God’s provision. He enabled them to attain, little by little, 16,000 square feet of space in the New Holland Shopping Center for the academy and New Life Family Center’s celebration services. Today Cavod has almost 900 enrollments, thirty teachers and many volunteers.
Connie said, “We are changing the culture of dance, and creating a community of love, acceptance and excellence that glorifies the Lord in the arts, which is not modeled in the world.”
Both Dave and Connie are ordained pastors. Although they operate as a team, Dave mostly oversees the church and she, Cavod. “We have seen tremendous growth in the church and are developing leaders and cell groups. Relationships and spiritual parenting are strong values at New Life. We meet in homes one Sunday morning a month. The other Sundays at our celebration services, we have strong worship and teaching. We value everyone’s gifts including our many children that attend.”

It’s a young congregation with many children. About 40 percent of the 100-person congregation is families from Cavod Academy. All three of the Dienners’ children and spouses have been key over the years in supporting, helping and building the academy and the church.

Through their journey, the Dienners have chosen to guard their hearts from holding offense, to love the Lord and serve Him, not man. They are humbled and amazed how God can take brokenness and pain, and turn it into growth in their personal lives and also birth a ministry that brings life to many.
Read more at www.cavodacademy.com or contact Cavod Academy of the Arts, 665 West Main Street, New Holland, PA 17557, or 717.354-3355.
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DOVE InternationalThursday, May 12th, 2016 at 5:37am
Steve Prokopchak and Nelson Martin recently traveled to Haiti, read about the trip in Steve's latest Blog Post!!
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